Shaffaf Welfare Trust

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Shaffaf Welfare Trust (SWT) is serving poor people, oppressed, penniless and upset individuals of the general public since 1992. it is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) situated in Pakistan.

Shaffaf Welfare Trust Non-Governmental Organization

Welfare Trust invests energy with poor and destitute individuals and is completely mindful of their issues and shortcomings. Along these lines we need to help them so that all monetary guide is given as expected and to the ideal individuals.

This association wishes to act like spine of the helpless society and it gives assistance after a total request and review to perceive the genuine oppressed individuals.

Shaffaf Welfare Trust’s point is to ask and overview to discover the ones who need assistance. it is a non-benefit association containing experts (Doctors, Social Workers and Educationists) just as grass-root laborers. The saying is Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability. A definitive point of is Community Development through independence of the local area.

Fundamental beliefs

  • Shaffaf Welfare Trust tending to the accompanying issues locally:
  • Local area inspiration
  • Arrangement of essential medical care administrations
  • Mindfulness ascending in local area through education programs
  • Pay age exercises
  • Natural sterilization
  • Advancement of clean wellbeing rehearses.

Shaffaf Welfare Trust has faith in giving local area improvement. This incorporates arrangement of Primacy Health Care (anticipation of loose bowels, lack of healthy sustenance, advancement of bosom taking care of, immunization, risk natal consideration, family-arranging, and counteraction of AIDS) just as giving attention to the populace through progress of proficiency status of youngsters and ladies, pay age exercises just as natural sterilization and strong waste administration.

Shaffaf Welfare Trust was established by Dr. S.A. Burney (Late). He was a daring and legit man and steadfast for the reason for improvement of mankind. was extremely useful particularly for individuals who didn’t have the foggiest idea about their privileges, didn’t have food, and didn’t have any pay asset, he gave them asylum to the old and penniless and regarded them as his individual and guardians. He was additionally the organizer and Chairman of Human Rights Committee for Public and Police Aid (R).

After the Death of Mr. S.A. Burney his child Mr. Shujat Burney(Social Worker) became President of SWT. He is a youthful, dynamic and legit individual like his dad. Has the characteristics of his dad to run this association. He is running Shaffaf Welfare Trust (SWT) as a President since the time his dad died. The privilege of humankind is an essential driver for him like his dad Dr. S .A. Burney (Late). The President is buckling down for youth, unique youngsters and the helpless men, ladies and kids just as for the destitute individuals in prison.

Exercises and Projects of Shaffaf Welfare Trust

Under the umbrella of points of its Founder Welfare Trust are worried about some essential requirements of living souls for the advancement of humankind as underneath:

  • Ramadan Aftar
  • Shaffaf Education
  • Special Prisoner discharge/prison administrations
  • Shaffaf Special Children program
  • Women Rights
  • Shaffaf Children Rights
  • Sadaqa
  • Shaffaf Pur-aman Karachi
  • Winter conveyance

Shaffaf tentative arrangements:

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