Bahar Foundation Established Organization

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Bahar Foundation is a non-government non-profit organization established by a group of reputed and most influential citizens of Dhani Bax Goth, Gadap town Karachi.

Bahar Foundation Established Organization

The motive behind establishing this organization was to create a network of people, in which they can meet and work for their people. It was initially started its work in Dhani Bux goth but now expanded its work in the whole Gadap town Karachi. It works with different segments of life mostly education and health.

Gadap Town is a town in the northwestern part of Karachi with the Hub River on its western limits also forming the provincial border between Sindh and Balochistan. There over 400 rural villages in Gadap Town. It is an area that was considered outside of Karachi, due to this reason it did not get any attention from the government. Having a population of 400 villages it was not is a position to participate in polling and select it representative in government. This was the reason that this area is less developed since Pakistan came into being.

The people of Gadap town mostly the representatives of small villages always took their part in fulfilling the need of their people, they worked hard to get their constitutional rights. A lot of protests conducted in different areas but, they never stopped their struggle and now it is becoming considered a part of the northwestern part of Karachi. These representatives of people never stopped their struggle once their motive was achieved they switched their attention toward the betterment of their people and expanded its scope to the education and other basic fundamental rights of their people.

The Bahar Foundation is one of the steps was taken by the residents of Dhani Bux goth for the welfare of their people. The founder of Bahar Foundation is Mr. Sachal Wadho and his team.

Objectives of Bahar Foundation

  • To provide basic education for children living in the poverty
  • To develop and provide such forms of medical care and welfare services as required by the community
  • Alleviation of hunger and malnutrition by providing balanced dietary requirements in the form of monthly ration, sadqa meat to the underprivileged especially people living in rural areas

Areas of Work

Financially support for School fees for children and other institutions

Financial support for medical treatment of Infants in hospital.

Financial support for deserving families for ambulance expenses for movement of patients to/from village/city.

Monthly Rashan distribution to the needy and poor people, especially for orphans.

Distribution of Clothes Lihaf and other items

Financial support to needy families for delivery birth of a baby.

Ramadan package of Roshan and other activities, before EID-ul-Fitr and EID-ul-Azha.

Financial support for marriage of deserving families (Jahez, furniture, clothes, accessories, utensils, marriage dinner).

Financial support for deserving families for Funeral services (Kafan, Ghusal, Mayyat bus, Qabar arrangement).

Distribution of different items, equipment for home earnings, and freelancing.

Mohji Ammar Library

To attach the students with books and getting their attention towards books and literature. Bahar Foundation has established a library at Dhani Bux goth, Gadap town. In which anyone can benefit and utilize this library without any cost. The library consists of many books, articles, journals, and literary work. The library was opened especially for the students and the people who are interested in writing work.

It provides them a platform to show their writing skills. A lot of books and articles are promoted and published in the library every month, a lot of writers. And teachers are invited to these events. So that the students and writers get to communicate with each other. About the current issues and share their views and opinions with each other. The core motive to start this library is to save the history and literature of Sindh and Sindhi culture. That’s why a lot of history books and literature are collected and saved in Mohji Ammar Library.

Students and professionals from different parts of Karachi are invited to give their contribution to this work. Guest speaker sessions are conducted on a weekly basis in which different historians, teachers from government colleges and universities, professionals. And successful people are invited for motivational lectures to the students. Education classes are going to start in the library in which students will be provided the best quality education as well as books and complete guidance about their future. Moreover, CSS classes will also be organized for the students who are interested in appearing in CSS exams.


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